What is the new firmware code repository location?

All the build instructions available in the forum mentions the repository https://github.com/gl-inet/gl-infra-builder.git

It doesn’t seem to exist any more. Where is the new repo?

As you have not written what you want to archive and I can’t find any repo with ‘infra’ in name, but GL-iNet got some translation flaws, I would try: GitHub - gl-inet/imagebuilder: Warning!Please look at 'GL.iNET Imagebuilder Introduction' section.

But you also can search all repos at gl-inet · GitHub

Or just search the forum: What happened to gl-infra-builder

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Thanks. Looks like they decided not to make it public any longer.

There is also a lot of blah blah in this thread: Formal statement on Gl.iNet software going closed source?

I have some kind of bias here, because I am using OpenSource only in private, but I was paid on different project to work behind closed doors.
If course there cloud be reasons, but if the reason is ‘we don’t know what we are doing here’, it is bad.

Gl-iNet is not open source, right. But they are distributing back to OpenWRT, what is the base of their products. And they are very open and happy for people who are interested in developing/working with them.
As written in the linked thread, just ask nice. Maybe they want to know the purpose, but if there is a valid need, I don’t think you will be rejected.
I have not asked, because I am rather use the stock firmware (beta/nightly) builds. Because I don’t need to have a whole development laptop/environment with me all the time. Just update via tablet.

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