What printer is the best wireless or wired

HP launched the HP Designjet T520 printer which is wireless. But I think about what is the better option wireless or wired printer. Because sometimes the wireless devices throwing the error. So what is the best?

I don’t know.

I use a Fuji Xerox wireless printer. Each time set it up is pain.

For example if we reboot the wifi router the printer will have difficult to connect back. I have to reboot it several times to get it connected. But once it is connected it is works fine for months.

The embedded network stack on HP printers - in my experience, always best to set them on a static IP on the device (not a DHCP reservation on the router) - then they’re pretty stable.

For “best printer” - always subjective - but for the community at large - I’ve always had very good luck with Brother for Win/Mac (and sometime linux) - it’s a commonly overlooked brand, but they’re solid, and consumables are very reasonable compared to the mainstream brands.

Thanks for the hint.

Basically wired printers have everything which wireless printers can provide except wireless printers are hasslefree and better at performance but a little bit expensive than wired printers, I used to own an old canon all in one printer and after few months of use I started receiving code:2,140,21 while I attempt to scan a document since then I am looking for a wireless printer.