What speeds do you get with GL-MT300N?

What speeds are you getting with GL-MT300N? Maximum, normal, wifi, cable, anything

I have slow devices so I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m having really slow speeds by wifi (17Mbps maximum in a 300Mbps fiber connection)


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@David, thanks for your feedback.

The wifi speed can easily goes up to 65 Mbps with my iPhone 6s on my 100Mbps cable network using speedtest.com

Maybe you can try using a different device or wifi channel.

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I can also confirm that over Ethernet I can easily push 100 Mbps.

Do you have an android phone? I would get the app “Wifi Analyzer”, and see if the WiFi channel your on is congested. Changing the channel to a channel with less networks on it should help improve speed.


I get wireless speeds of 38Mbps when the device is connected to the router by Ethernet cable, and 27Mbps when I connect it to the router wirelessly.

In case you’re interested, I get 5.2Mbps connected to a 256 bit AES encrypted VPN, and 7.8Mbps using 128 bits.

Down: 94 Mbps wired, 67.7 Mbps wireless. Up: both 12 Mbps…