What to use OVPN or WG?

What to use OVPN or WG? What is more secure and private? As I know WG always logging you without any possibility to disable this…

Go with WireGuard.

See How to troubleshoot WireGuard


Why only use one? My travel routers and VPN servers are configured to run Wireguard, OpenVPN and SoftEther, and I switch between them depending on my needs.


How does the protocol itself log you?

The vpn server can always log you because it is a network interface. So have fully control of your server is important.

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I'm using OpenVPN because it uses an additional second level of authentication by needing to know a username/password for VPN access. For me, it doesn't matter which VPN service is faster since the bottleneck is the speed of the internet connection on each end.

SoftEther is new to me, for what use cases would it be preferable to ovpn or wg?

I use it as its traffic looks just like https traffic, so it is very good at getting through deep packet inspection and other firewalls. It does multi-stream TCP, so it look much more like regular WEB traffic than most other VPN protocols. It has UDP acceleration, if UDP is available. It is fully Open Source, but as it is not that popular, firewalls normally don't look for its packets, like they look for Wireguard and OpenVPN packets. It is out of Japan.

It is a very complete package, very opposite of Wireguard, where Wireguard only does one thing, but it does it very fast, SoftEther can do many things, like both layer 2 and layer 3 routing. It can tie together many remote locations, or it can be used as a simple VPN. It can even use ICMP packets, which is normally only used for ping, as a VPN transport. Take a look at:

I will say on an OpenWrt based router that installing SoftEther pain to setup, and I would only use it only if you want to get into how SoftEther and OpenWrt works. It has a huge learning curve. It has saved me more then once, where it worked to get me a VPN connection back to the US when nothing else would.


thanks for answer, will look into it.