What WireGuard download speeds are you getting? (Flint & AXT1800 specifically)

As the title asks, if you have a Flint router or Slate AX router could you please let me know the following results after testing via speedtest.net

  • What router you use
  • What your ISP subscription speed is
  • Is the GL iNet router connected to the internet via ethernet cable or wifi repeater mode
  • What type of device are you using for tests
  • What VPN provider you test with
  • What results do you get from speed testing with WireGuard VPN enabled (a company VPN, not a self hosted one)

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Whatever anyone tells you, wireguard speed on the Flint is cut by at least a half compared to non-VPN traffic. I have tried every single trick in the book to no avail and seeing the amount of posts on these fora complaining of the same is absolutely no surprise at all. No such problem with my Slate AX though and wireguard speeds on Slate (using the same VPN) are fairly comparable to ISP speed.

I currently have a Flint router running in my home running 4.2.1 release3 firmware. Using ProtonVPN’s free servers I get the following answers to your questions:

  1. Flint AX1800
  2. ISP speeds 400/400
  3. Router is wired via ethernet to ISP
  4. Macbook connected via ethernet to router
  5. ProtonVPN (free account)
  6. from USA to Netherlands server I reached the full 400Mbps of my ISP subscription for both upload and download.

Additional notes: I’ve noticed that Cake SQM uses similar levels of CPU resources to WireGuard VPN. My Flint router can handle as high as 600Mbps of Cake SQM traffic which would suggest that it could handle near 600Mbps of WireGuard traffic. For WiFi, my macbook gets at most 350Mbps over 5GHz WiFi in a crowded apartment building.

Three things you need to check. Cables, latency and speed of your vpn.
I have the AX-1800 and the AXT-1800.
Internet is supposed to be 500/40, but it’s more like 530/40.

With Wireguard (Surfshark) on a nearby location, 10 ms latency I get 510/38 or so.
If I switch to another country let’s say 60 ms, speeds drop to 450/38 or so.

I actually ended up setting up my own server for wireguard (it’s 60 ms away) and no change.
Depending on the time of the day, it fluctuates from 380 to 450 but upload is consistent.

The AXT router is just marginally faster, maybe 10 Mbps more or so.

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