What's the best download speed you've ever got with openwrt?

Just wondering since mine never gets over 5Mbps with a 3G dongle. I have some python scripts and openvpn client running on my router which is Gl.iNet 6416. What’s the best download speed you’ve ever got with openwrt and what setup do you have on your router ?

Have you done any speedtests of the dongle itself? 3G is an older technology, and I rarely get more than a few Mbps off my 3G dongle.

When testing raw OpenWRT speeds I can easily max out the 100 Mbps ports using ethernet. Wireless to client I can get around 60 Mbps average over 2.4 GHz (This is all tested with my router plugged into my LAN, and I transfer a file from my LAN to the wireless client). Again, your internet speed is dependent on these speeds.

Also, OpenVPN will cause the speeds to decrease… using OpenVPN I’ve seen speeds range from a minimum of 10 Mbps to a maximum of 20 Mbps. This is due to the heavy load due to encryption put on the tiny CPUs in these routers. This issue will appear in most router / embedded devices as their CPUs are quite small.

With 3G dongle, 5Mbps is a pretty good speed.

I tested with my 4G LTE dongle and I got around 40Mbps.

Can you please test it with 4G LTE and OpenVPN running ? I’m afraid I got bottleneck on my router.

Where is the VPN server hosted? If it is hosted from a home connection, often times home internet connections only have 5 Mbps or so upload. If possible I suggest doing a speedtest on the VPN. If the VPN server is hosted by say a server provider, then install OpenVPN on your laptop / phone / desktop and do a quick speedtest. Try to ensure that the VPN server is not the problem.

You should at least be getting 10 Mbps or more on your GL-Inet router. The CPU is 400 Mhz, so theoretical maximum should be around 20 Mbps. This is due to the heavy load when performing encryption.


Here are some of my numbers in real world usage using multiple ports (wifi and Ethernet) to pull packets:

Verizon 4G on Verizon account - 88 Mbps up and down

Verizon 4G on Straight Talk - 6 Mbps/1.5 Mbps (Verizon limits resellers or MVNOs as we call them)

t-Mobile 3G on t-Mobile account 4.9 Mbps/2 Mbps

Land based ISP over single Ethernet 77Mbps up and down




@Justin the openvpn is hosted in singapore, it’s on a VPS

@Mmonaghan did you test that with openvpn running ? What router do you have ?

did you ever figure out if the router was bottle necking the 4g lte modem? I suspect that my AR150 is slowing my 4g lte speed. I have tested the modem directly conencted to my pc and I can see 25mbps, once connected to my router I only get 10-15mbps. Seems like there is a 5mbps loss.