What's the difference between setting up a device as an "Extender" vs "Repeater"?

I have three devices (two Flints and a Velica) and I’m trying to figure out the optimal way of setting them up. I am stuck between two choices:

  • Under “Network Mode” I can setup a device as an “Extender” instead of a “Router”.

  • Under “Internet” I can setup a device as a “Repeater”.

Also, which of the two models (Flint vs Velica) would be ideal as a main router, if it’d make a difference at all?

I can setup two of them via ethernet, so I think I’ll do that, and the third device will be either an “Extender” or a “Repeater”.

Your Flint has a newer CPU that’s ~ 67% faster than the Velica & features a NPU (Networking Processing Unit). One should be your main router.

  • “Using Repeater means connecting the router to another existing wireless network, e.g. when you are using free Wi-Fi in a hotel or cafe. It works in WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) mode by default, which means that the router will create its own subnet and act as a firewall to protect you from the public network.”
  • Extender. Extend the Wi-Fi coverage of an existing wireless network.”

If you’re looking to keep all the connected Wi-Fi clients on the same internal network/LAN subnet you want Extender.

Use one of the flints as your main router in its default repeater mode

Connect your flint or Velica via wire in Access Point mode

Connect your flint or Velica wirelessly using extender mode.

You will have a single network using a single ip address range (by default 192.168.8.x)

this would be the most common setup.