What's your dream GL-iNet Device? Here's mine

In short, my dream GL-iNet device has:

Long version,

I have 3x use cases that I’m currently trying to constantly fill around that this “Dream Machine” helps me achieve.

  1. I need good 5G modems that can connect to a 4x4 MiMo Antenna and provide internet to existing wifi networks in Pro-sumer residential setups (UniFi Network)

This is for my own personal home network. Right now I have that Ugly Tmobile 5G cylinder thing that doesn’t have an external antenna options (without modifications) and a equally ugly AT&T M6 Hotspot plugged into my network WAN ports for a load balancing setup.

I want these modems to be the same device, no frills with some upgradability and external antenna connections.

  1. I need good 5G modems that can connect to a 4x4 MiMo Antenna, act as a router and provide great mesh wifi networks in rural homes

Aside from my house, most of my friends and neighbors are in a terrible network area that only offers DSL and no “official” Cellular modem support. I’ve got them all sold on moving off DSL to a Mobile, but what device do I put them in? Cudy 5G? That’s kind of the only “consumer friendly” choice until GL-iNet crushes them with their own solution.

  1. I need good 5G modems that can connect to portable external antennas, act as a router, and provide great stable wifi network at long ranges (ideally 200 ft?) in a portable rugged form factor. OR a form factor that can be easily disassembled and placed into a different case.

I’m constantly going to Baseball / American Football / Basketball / Soccer Fields and setting up live streaming cameras / mike and equipment. I have to have a robust wifi network and preferably multiple bonded 5G connections (through Speedify) to ensure that I have a consistent and uninterrupted upload while also covering the venue in strong enough wifi so that my 6x wireless cameras can constantly stream their video signals in 1080p / 4K back to my production desk.

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Dream on, I would say… Mine is just for one that works perfectly and reliably with no hiccups.


Frankly, I just want a Slate AXT-1800 Pro or something. One that can handle VPN speeds at 1gbps. I love using a VPN on the router, but it’s a shame that the internet speed generally gets cut in half😄

A travel router with quad-core (or greater) CPU, 1GB/2GB/4GB memory capacities, SDcard, 2 USB ports (1xUSB2/1xUSB3 would suffice), upgradable internal m.2 NVME slot + internal storage, 3+ wifi chips (2.4Ghz + 5Ghz +6Ghz for clients and dedicated wifi tether/mesh chip for bandwidth >1Gb to clients),1xWAN + 2xLAN ethernet ports, internal 4G LTE, external, 5G NR in an enclosure and USB-C PD power input.

I would also want to see GL.Inet release different size firmwares available for different use cases at launch (lean, normal, heavy, full) with different software/driver bundles in each (most current firmwares are normal, but throwing the advanced networking packages into heavy keeps a simplified GUI and having lean as a clean install for best security. Install everything plus the kitchen sink on full firmwares and call it alpha with no implied warranties.)

My memory/storage upgrades were from 64MB/16MB on an AR150, to 128/16(8GB extroot) with dual band on a Spitz, to 128/128 with gigabit on an Opal and to a 1GB/16GB RPI 3b+ for OpenWRT 22.x testing, with the frankenrouter listed above having all of the features I enjoy in a tidy package.

I can remove the antennas from my Spitz and fit all of it in a pocket using a USB3 to DC power adaptor, but if a router was any bigger, I’d just lug around a quad port mini PC with openWRT compatibility to get all of the upgradable features. Similar to this link.

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Mango sized router with

  • Enough juice to handle 100mb down on wifi while on Repeater mode.
  • more storage space 32mb-64mb is enough.
  • 4G sim compatible or internal addon supported.
  • Ext Antennas
  • Type C plug for power, 2x rj45 ports.
  • Slightly bigger footprint is fine.
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I use my router for multi-month trips to multiple countries. I would like something no bigger than the original Slate, with more RAM and multi-core CPU. Size and weight are important and all the new products are too big and too heavy.

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Mango sized router with WiFi 5ghz, and dual gig eth ports, quad core, 1gb ram at a sub $40 dollar price.

Kind of like the Nanopi r2s, but with WiFi

Since I keep getting asked in messages…

I’m currently using Speedify on my Flint router to bond multiple hotspots. I loaded a custom OpenWRT firmware on it called SmoothWAN on to the router.

Works great so far.