When setting the router into AP mode it shows a default Ubuntu Apache welcome screen instead of the admin panel


I switched the Flint router into AP mode and now it shows this screen when putting the Flint router’s IP into the adress bar.

I have an Ubuntu server (not plugged into Flint, but into the ISP router) hosting an Apache web service, does it get redirected to it, instead of the Admin Page? I can not manage Flint like this at all, I am utterly confused.

Any ideas on this?

Every bit of help is appreciated.

So it is AP mode, e.g you plug Flint to your main router with cable, right?

It does seems that 0.38 is your Ubuntu, not Flint.

Did you try putting mac addresss of the Ubuntu to Flint before?


I have switched back to router mode for now.
Yes it was plugged in via cable.

Did you try putting mac addresss of the Ubuntu to Flint before?

I am not really sure what is it that you mean by this.

If you change back to Router modem and it works no now, you can omit the comments.

I was thinking if a Ubuntu machine is trying to get the same mac address as the router.

Hi! I am not sure if that is the case. My setup doesn’t allow me to test this, as my network setup has changed. In theory, wouldn’t it be extremely rare that the same MAC is used by a chance?

No probblem. Computer is just strange.