When to expect mesh support in 4x firmware for B1300?

I would like to know.

There is currently a beta firmware.You can test it.

There is also a notice in your 4.x upgrade tutorial that mesh function is not yet supported:


Is this outdated information? Have your team done testing of the mesh function on B1300 already? I don’t have the time to test something that was not even tested by the manufacturer as that would likely be very buggy.

I hope you didn’t overlook my follow-up question?

I am very sorry that I did not get this information in time. MESH is not currently supported in 4.x firmware.

Ok, so back to my original question: when to expect mesh support in 4x firmware for B1300?

It is sad to see there is so little support for mesh function across GL routers. The ones that have it are always late for firmware updates and implementing the updates when they are available is also an extremely time-intensive, convoluted process (you have to disable the mesh network, then connect by cable to each router to apply the update, then recreate the mesh network - a very poor user experience.)

Is there no ETA for the mesh function? Do any other GL routers already support mesh on the 4.x firmware?

There are no plans to add Mesh to the 4.x firmware of the current product.

Yes, we have under-designed Mesh features before.
We are considering a new Mesh product, possibly wired and then wireless. If that goes well, we’ll consider adding Mesh to the 4.x firmware of some of our products when the new product launches.