When will Brume v.3.201 be official?

Just kind of curious when I can upgrade my Brume to official firmware v.3.201 :slight_smile:


No. Not yet for this model.

Is it at all possible to know what the outstanding issues with the Burme and v3.201 are? Is there anything in particular that is needing to be fixed?

I’am using it with as Wireguard client using Policy and Killswitch + Adblock + banIP and it seems already better than previous “stable”. So, what are the remaining problems ? Security issues ?

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Any updates? I see the slate got it’s upgrade to 3.201… Surprised that happened first.

Should be in May.

Slate is AR series so much easier

Just curious, if there is an update.

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Latest update is beta3 on May 27th.


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will this be the final beta?

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okay I’ll take a stab at this. please correct me if i’m wrong. glinet builds the product. it gets tested for bugs and compatability internally at gli. it then gets sent to beta testers who may be oems, large customers, endusers and their grandmothers. if after a while of testing it gets the golden seal it goes gold. if a bug comes back that is critical the whole thing starts over. so as smurfs kept saying are we there yet papa smurf, at least papa smurf knew how far they were from their destination. gli-net holds not a crystal ball.

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It would be nice to get a least a few more information about the issue. Why is one of the strongest devices is getting the update last?

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I’m recently wrote to tech support and got a response about upcoming fixes.

There are still two pending problems we need to fix.
Some recent security patches and dns leak.

Alfie Zhao

Somewhere they wrote on the forum that the next version after 105 will be 203, not 201.

That’s a quite long May.

The beta4 in snapshot should be the release version.

Pls note, upgrade from 3.105 could cause your data lost. Back up data before upgrade. It is a problem in firmware 3.105

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Upgraded to Beta 4 and adguard seems to be broken on Brume-W. No access to the internet when adguard is enabled.

I just tried and adgurad home works. Maybe dns problem in your side?

Yes, the data was lost. I made a clean install. LuCI had to be installed afterwards. Wireguard is still making some troubles. After establishing the connection the upload is working, but no download. After some reconnects it’s working.

On Beta 4 when I enable adguard I believe it should take over DNS and populate the manual dns settings. It does not, they are empty and manual DNS is still turned off. Is there a chance this is a problem if you upgrade from 3.105 straight to Beta 4 rather than upgrading from Beta 3 to Beta 4 as another possible path?