When will GLi products upgrade USB Type-C?

When will GLi products upgrade USB Type-C?

I bought almost all GLi products. I like it very much.
Can the industrial design of the casing go further?
Can the power supply be upgraded to USB Type-C?
These two points are very concerned
Because it is used as a mobile, that is, with the notebook.
I don’t want to have a lot of messy accessories.


I hope to see such a router in the future.
The WAN port is WIFI to connect to the wifi relay.
The LAN port is Gigabit Ethernet and can be inserted directly and quickly.
Notebook integrated router

Like the GL-USB150 (Microuter)

This is the real VPN router. I hope the vendors can see it.

We’re making a new mifi with type-c now. We’re planing to show a prototype at CES 2019.


Are new products all type C? I don’t have a single phone or 5V-powered piece of equipment that is anything other than USB Micro!

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Will try to have Type C in some products in the coming year.

In the SoC we are using, they don’t really support Type C. So the final product we have will be physical Type C, but internal it will still be USB2.0 or 3.0. But type C will be used to extend the product.

Industrial design is almost improving.

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We will upgrade Microuter. But eventually we cannot make it small. So it will be a little big. So it will come with a tail (USB cable) and a big head.

Hi, speaking of bigger routers, do you have plans to release something other than X1200? Also I saw someone from gl.inet submit patches to OpenWrt but they didn’t follow up… I think having official support will make your boxes very attractive to S.Is. Especially since gl.inet provides branding services etc.

I know a few S.Is, they look around for high quality routers to integrate into their solutions, so X1200 is very attractive for them… but I’m hoping for something better… like B1300 but full size, not small/travel router… or something based on higher end qualcomm chipsets… make it big… full 4+1 ports, and if possible 1 10G or SFP port would be great.

A little more forward-looking than the google wifi design or more practical than eero design, that’s fine, vpn multi-purpose small hotspot router

Any update on this?
I have a em7455 in an external USB enclosure, I would like a compact travel router.
Is the Mifi available without Pcie card?

Though a bit off-topic, as USB-C isn’t needed for this, I’ve got a Sierra Wireless EM7565 in a compact, external USB enclosure (with two, “not-compact” antennas). Even a CAT-12 modem isn’t going to be pushing more than a few hundred mpbs. Although 600 mbps LTE exceeds USB 2 rates (if any carrier actually delivers it), it is well within “normal” USB 3, without the C-style wiring. The SoC is likely going to be the throughput limitation, especially for low-power devices, MIPS or otherwise. Higher-performance SoCs, such as ARM-based units, typically require more power than a 5 V supply can deliver over consumer-grade cables.

The GL-AR750S “Slate” has been a great travel router for me, and I believe it would be a good match for something like that.

I have an old iNet6416 and it has the same Soc of the GL-MiFi, and I thought to upgrade to the Slate with external LTE modem. But I may wait for a new MiFi.
I like the convenience of powering the router with a USB cable, without carrying a 12v power supply. USB-C can provide more power (up to 15W on 5V), possibly increasing the SoC specs.

@panpan any updates on this?

I just found the brilliant GLi WIFI travel routers Slate and Creta but was disappointed in the lack of USB C power input. I’m not going to purchase any device in 2020 which has micro USB connector.

Mudi has indeed USB C power but I’m not interested in the integrated 4G or battery bank features. A Slate with USB C power input would be perfect for me.

I hope that there will be more USB C devices in the next future.

You are right. The updated version will surely has USB C connector.

Check Brume GL-MV1000 which also has Type C.

I might be in a small niche but I upvote for a new version of AR300M with type-C connector. Just for power as I carry only type-C cables there days and that would be awesome. I know there other version with type-C in the portfolio already but this little guy packs a big punch and type-c would be awesome on it plus in my use cases there is no need to carry a bigger device or even to have external antennae. The simple CC1 and CC2 to GND thru 5.1k resistor would do just fine :slight_smile: . I can hack it myself but I am too lazy to design a new case for it and 3D print it :-)) . Better to buy an upgraded ar300m :smiley: .

MT1300 already has Type-C

Now sure if we can upgrade the small routers. You know now wifi need to be AX.

I know MT1300 has type-C and I am tempted by it though it is even bigger as foot print compared to my AR750s :slight_smile: So the size is a factor for me as my kit is generally large so I try to keep the tools small.

I know that now many people look for AX now but if at any point you put out a small foot print router with type-c I am surely gonna buy it :smiley: .

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