When will the new generation GL-USB150 hit the market?

I wanted to buy a GL-USB150 or some similar device but nothing is available on the market.
When can I expect a new usb stick router?GL-USB150 It’s already 4 years old and if the startup time could be reduced to 5-10 seconds it would really be a very amazing product.

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What is stopping you from getting any of the other Gl.iNet routers that are newer and more powerful?

I have two MT1300 models privately. They seem to me to be the best models from the global offer. I am still waiting for gl.inet with wifi 6, I will probably also buy it. At work I currently have from gl.inet xe300, a lot of different mikrotik, Aruba and fortigate.

I was simply delighted with the size of the GL-USB150 device, which in my case can serve more as a USB gadget (badUSB) than a real router.

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USB150’s chipset is EOL. So does the product.

Before we find a new chipset for such a model there is no update.


Does the same go for the Microuter? I was looking at buying one of those but the specs seem very outdated. And the price is no longer $17 bucks :frowning:

Microuter N300? Yes it is going to EOL as well.

Yes, will there be a newer version?

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