Where are the logs for the router OpenVPN client?

Where would I find the VPN client logs when establishing a connection on the GL.iNet router? I am using a GL-AR750S Slate Travel Router.

The reason is that I want to tweak the VPN config files and I want to debug the changes I am making. I am used to working with the OpenVPN log files and I am looking for something similar. I cannot find any documentation to turning on logs. It is if they do not exist on GL.iNet routers.

The PIA OpenVPN config files have not been updated for over two years and the current config files use the cipher “aes-128-cbc”. PIA will accept cipher “aes-128-gcm” which is more secure and, I hearsay, needs less CPU to operate. By the way, it looks the CBC ciphers will not work with the upcoming OpenVPN 2.6 client that is currently available as release candidate (ie about to be released).

So how do I get in the router, VPN client logs for an OpenVPN configuration that I have tweaked?

PS. When we have the answer, can the router manual please be updated with the answer as well.

The log of openvpn is in the system log.

SSH to the router and use commannd logread to get the log.

If you want to further debug, you can do this

  1. Locate the ovpn file in the router, generally in /etc/openvpn and its subfolders
  2. Edit the opvn and remove daemon from it.
  3. use command openvpn xxxxx.ovpn and it will try to connect.