Where do people post their ideas about using the GLi OpenWRT routers?

The forums are great places for people to ask questions, and you can get an rough idea of the projects they are working upon. Where do people post about their completed projects of GLi OpenWRT routers? I mean, anything to help increase sales, right?

In their own blog I think.

It is good to have a place in our website. But it is not as freely as your own hosting.

I’d be happy to hear about it here, then if there is interest you can follow up with details

Thank you alzhao. So, for example, when I asked a forum question about vnstat, and you said it was worth a post you meant that either you would post at gli, or I should post on my own blog.

@clwardgli, sorry for didn’t follow that thread. Maybe you can just post in your own blog first. If we need to post here, we need to check every details by our hand and that is likely to be delayed.

So I think it is easier to post in your own blog, then put a link here, in openwrt and LEDE. If people comments it you can support in your own blog.

OK, thank you.