Where does my router store it's name?

OK, this is probably a minor thing, but on the login page where is the string ‘GL-B2200’ stored? I want to replace it with the host name I’ve set (which luci shows correctly), but grepping the filesystem turns up no relevant hits :slight_smile:

After changing it in luci a reboot should set it for all other applications as well.

But maybe it’s hard-coded for the login page. It would be strange, but could be.

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Its stored in /etc/config/system - under the config system section, option hostname. Just change it and reboot to apply.

But, admon’s approach using LuCI is much easier.

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I’ve changed that (and rebooted). As I said in the original post luci gets it right, but not on this page. Inspecting the DOM, it has a css class of clsDeviceSSID so that is another point of attack. It doesn’t make sense though as I’ve re-written all the SSIDs I believe.

Have a look at this post. I’ve not tested it myself. But the OP was looking at doing the same.

Yep, editing that file seems to be the only way to do it.