Where is I2P( Invisible Internet Project )?

Hello . It would be great if tty appeared in the settings. If we talk about the anonymization of traffic, then this is definitely not tor)) since there are hundreds of cases of deanonymization, especially according to the scheme that we offer gl.inet))

A more reliable option is decentralized P2P -I2P !


There is an i2pd plug-in available for installation, however I don’t see it exposed in the user interface after installing. Running a Brume with latest snapshot firmware. Have you tried the plug-in on your hardware?

@sethf Hello . Thanks for the answer . Actually I would like it to be in the menu by default I2P since TOR doesn’t work so being anonymous is unfortunately a publicity stunt. (my opinion) Yes, you are right in I2PD there is OpenWRT that can be installed [OpenWrt Wiki] package: i2pd