Where is NFS sharing ? (firmware 4.2.0 release4)

I had a bug while using NFS (I could not write to NFS mounts) so I decided to upgrade from 4.2.0 beta2 to release4. Looking at the “Network Storage” section I could not find the NFS option, however I found it on the mobile application. Is there any specific reason for removing it from the web UI ?

Note: I still don’t know why I can’t write to NFS mounts even though they are rw mounted

There are still a number of issues with the NFS protocol, so we have removed it and will add it to the router when these issues are fixed.

Indeed, there are some hiccups I am facing right now with NFS. I got it working for my basic use case, however. Let me know if you need testers/contributions for this. Thanks!

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