Where is the documentation of the API?

I urgently need the API documentation to maintain my router.
I tried to get it via the wayback site to no avail. It was part of my purchase decision that the device has an API i could use for automation of my remote site.

The API is currently not available. You can read API request with the browser developer tools, if needed.

But tbh: OpenWrt is way better to handle using SSH and uci. So you can simply automate using this method.

Yes, i can do that, but it requires a lot more to change an existing, working solution.

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and the API is still active on the device, i just don't have the documentation to adjust my program.

If i had anticipated that move of GL-iNET, i had scraped their API-Website to have the doc at hand now.

Yeah, you are right. Only the docs are offline. I doubt that they will come back in the near future.
So intercepting your browser while using functions you want to code API requests for is the only possibility so far.

To give some backgroud, my two sites are 1500km apart and my 2nd site is connected via LTE mobile connection, so i have to rely that the remote router reestablish the connection after an outage. It does so normally without any problem, except this time. I had envisioned such a situation and had planned to send commands via SMS. I still can receive SMS, so i know the device is powered on and it can forward SMS, so it also can receive SMS.

Can't help you at this point because the API docs are offline.

So basically, you need to look into your browser dev tools to get the right requests - or you may need to use uci.

I have contacted support. May be i will get some answer.

Someone on the Openwrt forums pointed to this:

Is this any help, I guess you're already using goodcloud to bind your devices?

Does not help if the device is not connected to the cloud.

Is ubus any help?


I am the right person to ask. Answered your email.

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