Where is the git repository with gl-inet scripts, etc?

Is there a repository with base scripts and sources written by GL iNet? For example, the gl-ui_3.0.147-1_mips_24kc.ipk tarball in the glinet repository has ./usr/share/glweb1/web/src/temple/wgclient/index.html. Is there a separate repository that has wgclient/index.html as a simple file that is used to build the ipk?

I’d submit a pull request with a change, but I doubt you want a pull request with a change to an ipk file.

It isn’t open source code, so you can’t access the private git repository.

If you want to submit a pull request, you can report it to bug tracker, even though bug fix or feature request.


One more related question: Is there a tool installed on the device for compiling the /usr/share/glweb1/web/src into the HTML binary (/usr/share/glweb1/bin/gl_html)? I tried modifying the HTML sources and can’t figure out how to run the modified copy instead of the compiled copy.

gl_html is not actually html code in any way, it is a linux program.

I guess you are trying to add the change you wanted in the other thread?
You should edit this html: \usr\share\glweb1\web\src\temple\wgclient\index.html

The GL backend won’t have the change implemented, so you will need to use javascript with some scripts to do anything more advanced than a visual change.

You don’t need to change gl_html binary, just clear the browser’s cache will take affect.