Where to find the network connections in GLinet command line

Hello, I am trying to gather the logs of the packets that pass through my GLinet beryl. I know it is capturing the connections and allows them to be shown in the graph, however, I need to find the file location to forward them to my syslog server. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.

Try looking in /sys/class/net/${iface}/statistics/

Thank you for your response, allow me to clarify. I am attempting to look at the raw data for the packets. We are attempting to monitor the web traffic passing through the router. However, I appreciate being about to know about the number of each type of packet based event. If there is a place where the packet information is stored even temporarily that would be what I’m looking for. Any traffic monitoring alternative would also be appreciated.

Ahhh I wasn’t sure what you were trying to do. You can look at tcpdump / tcpdump-mini to inspect packets going through the router; but you can expect certain performance hit of course.

If there’s a cleverer way… I do not know right now.

If you want to see traffic data on the Glinet UI, look at /tmp/tertf/tertfinfo_bak.Or refer to the document https://dev.gl-inet.com/api/#api-client-GetClientList and call the client/list URL.

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This is gold. Thanks!

Thank you for the response, it seems it am unable to access the page. It gives me an error saying: {“code”:-1,“msg”:“Token is null”}
If there are known solutions for this I’d appreciate it. Thank you again!

Did you provide an authorization token in the request? It seems the API is not seeing a valid token (it sees a NULL token).