Where to find Wireguard Key?

Using the router GUI (for Flint GL-AX1800) I have set up a WireGuard Client to have all traffic pass through a VPN. It is working successfully but I would like to know where I can find my WireGuard Key?

For context I am using Mullvad, and with their subscription you can have up to 5 devices which are all managed by logging into your Mullvad account. To date I have been using all 5, but now I wish to remove one to free up a key and set up a new device. I am trying to work out which keys are active and remove the one which is no longer in use. I would therefore like to know where I can find the WireGuard Key in router GUI (or Luci advanced settings) to ensure I do not delete it from my Mullvad account.

Side note: I think this would make for a helpful feature request, adding the WireGuard Key to the WireGuard Client Status page of the router GUI.

You can view the configuration details on the Wireguard Client page to view the server peer’s public key.

You can use the private key obtained in Mullvad to generate a public key to confirm the corresponding configuration file. If you use 4.x firmware, you can paste the private key in Wireguard Server page to view public key (Note: not apply). If you use 3.x firmware, please login SSH and use command generate.

Thank you for the reply.

Unfortunately it isn’t the public or private key which I would like to obtain, it’s the “WireGuard Key”.

Each of my 5 devices using Mullvad has a unique WireGuard Key. I am able to see all WireGuard Keys in the Mullvad account management area (as image below), and each individual WireGuard Key is displayed on each of my devices using the Mullvad app.

Additionally using the Mullvad app they have now made it really easy to identify each device in the account management section as they assign each one with a unique name (for example “Jumping Monkey”, or “Running Ghost”). This name is also displayed on each device in the Mullvad app so you can easily identify which device is which.

Where can I find this WireGuard Key on my router?

Sorry, I got it backwards.

The “WireGuard Key” is public key. It is not stored in the router. But you can use the private key in the configuration file to generate the public key to find the corresponding “WireGuard Key”.

  1. Get the Private Key

  2. Generate the Public Key