Where's the barebone OpenWRT firmware for AXT1800?

Hi, i'm wondering how can i get a minimal OpenWRT firmware for the AXT1800 router for me to further customize.

Ideally i just want something like a basic BSP (QSDK?) with stable drivers, from where i can further customize with opkg in shell, and have access to SDK for building packages.

I'm trying to use the router for a very specific task at mostly layer2, and i want to minimize the risk of my project being stepped on by gl-inet's high level service. (a bit more detail, i'm trying to set up a EAP / 802.1x proxy to bypass/MitM AT&T Fiber gateway, which basically all layer 2, and do NAT for the rest of my home network).


It should be available on the firmware download page

The patch is being pushed to openwrt. Hope there will be a vanilla openwrt firmware soon.


Any idea if the patch will keep Qualcomm's NSS / netfilter offloading working?

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Sorry not sure about this one.