Which antenna is which? GL-AR300M

I am mounting my GL-AR300M-903-NOR in a waterproof box on the top of the aluminium mast of a sailing boat. One use for this is to get a better signal from the wifi in a harbour or marina. So I have one antenna vertically to catch the harbour wifi and one sticking out horizontally to get better coverage below on deck (the mast has a fairly wide aluminium plate at the top). So if I run the router in "Repeater" mode is one of the antenna go to the remote wifi and the other connect as a hotspot? In that case which is which?


Bill Lionheart

(ps the box also has a Hwawe 4G dongle so I can get internet in coastal regions with no wifi but cellular coverage)

They are TX and RX the same time - so no dedicated antenna just for repeating.

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