Which GL-iNet product has the fastest openVPN speed? (Real not max.)


the title says pretty much everything. I am looking to buy a new device for another internet connection (Gbit), which product would you recommend. (without WiFi is fine). I have a MV1300 Gateway, is that already the fastest possible? And if yes, why shouldn’t I use a Rasperry Pi 4?

Raspberry PI running openwrt with a USB Ethernet for WAN should work fine. Take a look on Reddit.

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Which subreddit? And what is if I want to buy another GL-iNet product, what would be the best for the purpose? @alzhao Thank you.

Now AX1800 provides up to 120Mbps Openvpn.

That is the fastest one we have.

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I believe that you meant to say your current device is a GL-S1300 / Convexa-s. Its max is 30 mbps openvpn 192 mbps Wireguard max.

OpenVPN running UDP Maximum throughput is around 120 mbps. So your options are Gl-AX1800 Flint (I can speak from experience that I have achieved 115mbps Openvpn and 400mbps Wireguard) or Gl-MV1000 ( I also own and got 95 mbps OpenVPN and 260 mbps wireguard.
Vpn used was NordVPN and Mullvad VPN

Gl-ax1800 is fastest newest technology but runs chaos calmer 15 openwrt
Gl-MV1000 Runs openwrt 19 and maybe even openwrt 22 older tech

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OpenVPN is single threaded, so it can only use one core, while Wireguard is multithreaded. So the first thing to think about is whether you can move from OpenVPN to Wireguard to increase speed.

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@K3rn3l_Ku5h Sorry, I meant MV1000.

Okay, sounds good so far I take from it:
For now if I want to stay within the GL-iNet family the fastest on OpenVPN is the AX1800, but I should in in the foreseeable future change it to Wireguard. I am either way fine with this router/gateway, correct?

Are the 20% on a review of the thing still available? @alzhao

Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t know. You need to ask the guys posted that info.

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I got a mail with that offer today, so I assume it is - as little info for @all

I ordered the AX1800 and will do a full review here.

Thanks @everyone for the information and help :slight_smile: