Which GL.inet product supports EM7565 module

Which product of GL.Inet allows install of internal EM7565 module and has external SMA antenna ports for the module to get better reception ?

I see Spitz but I can’t tell if it will accept Sierra Wireless EM7565 module.

The Sierra Wireless EM7565 has the m.2 form factor (I think the same for all EM series). The GL-X750 Spitz has the larger mPCIe slot (although there are m.2-to-mPCIe adapters).

I am not aware of GL.iNet routers that have the m.2 slot. Even if a module fits the slot, it may have compatibility issues and may not function perfectly, so it is best to stay with GL.iNet tested and supported modules.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

I placed a EM7656 into a Mifi, just the Sierra draws too much power so the Mifi every now and then restarts…