Which model (home use only)?

Hi there!

I am planning to stop my internet subscription at home in order to save cost. I would like to replace it by using the internet from my iPhone (cellular).
I made some research and discover these product from GL.Inet that look cool.

Which model would you recommend in order to use at home only? For my case portability is not a priority as I will let the router connected at home… so I will not consider size/weight…
I am just looking at a model which I can plug with my iPhone (via usb) and then share the internet with other device.

Last question… apparently when using the hotpot with the iPhone at some point of time it switches off automatically… is it the case with these router?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


Probably need to know a little bit more about the size of your home and budget etc to give a proper answer but as some initial thoughts:

  1. You could go with a GL-X750 Spitz. This would eliminate the need to even have the iPhone attached. Just throw your SIM into the unit.

  2. If you’ve only got a small house/apartment even a Slate might do with the tethered iPhone or a USB MiFi LTE modem.

In both cases above you could always use some cheaper units as repeaters to give you better coverage or you could actually just move your router around with you.

  1. You could go with a Convexa B and attached your iPhone as originally planned or maybe swap the iPhone out for a USB MiFi LTE modem. If you’ve got a bigger house you could then buy additional Convexa units and setup a mesh to give you better coverage.

As I say just some first thoughts.

Hello @limbot,

First off all thank you for taking time to answer my question.

Regarding a router with a sim slot I am not a big fan of it… in fact when you arrive home you need to take out the SIM card and when you go out have to be carful not to forget it in the device.

I was hesitating to buy the mango model but from my understanding the range of transmission is not very big as the device is very compact… after checking the website I saw the model you mentioned … Convexa B…
Maybe I will start with a Slate

I would say the ground floor is around 80sqm. Budget max 200$

What is the benefit of buying the Convexa B rather than the slate? In the future I don’t think I will extend the network to other floor.


hola que tal yo tengo el modelogl mt300n v2 estoy tratando de hacer lo mismo que pregunto el chicho mas arriba . hay un procedimiento de ponerle los drivers de la app easy tether al reouter …hay que ponerle tres archivos que estan en la web segun tu modelo solo por error puse uno el reouter se reinicio y ahora no puedo entrar la pagina de configuracion ya que anteriormente le habia desabilitado la opcion wifi y solo lo conecto via lan a la pc pero ni asi quiere entrar a la configuracion interna , agradeceria mucho la ayuda


Sorry thought you might be running a seperate data sim service hence the Spitz :slight_smile:

I guess in reality the Slate is marketed as a “travel router” more than a home router and the Convexa B the opposite.

In my head having both units key differentiators.
Size/portability (Convexa much bigger)
Processor (Convexa better)
Memory (Convexa More)
Wifi (Convexa better coverage? ( haven’t tested) )
USB: 2.0 on Slate, 3.0 on Convexa
Mesh (Only Convexa)
Micro SD (Slate only)
Power consumption (Slate 5V/2a, Convexa B 12V/1.5A) You can run the Slate off a phone power adapter, USB port on a notebook or even a power bank.

But these are really purely technical differences but one would expect it to translate into better performance overall from the Convexa.

That being said I’m house sitting at the moment and before putting in a B1300 mesh used the Slate as my primary router, WISPed to the main house router and all my devices connected to the Slate so that when I move houses I don’t have to keep changing/connecting all my clients to a new WiFi network. As also mentioned if the Slate wasn’t given you the coverage you could add another Slate or even a Mango later down the track to repeat the signal if you need to extend coverage.

I have also used the Slate tethered to an LTE mobile broadband MiFi and it’s worked a treat :slight_smile:

Maybe start with the Slate, if it doesn’t work you could buy a Convexa-B and the use the Slate to extend your coverage or just use it as a travel router? :slight_smile:

Guess only you can make the final decision :slight_smile:


Hey bit hard to using Google translate from Spanish but my reading is you were trying to load easytether and didn’t load all the packages and now can’t get to the Admin Portal either via WiFi (which is turned off) or the ethernet port?

I’d suggest a full reset back to defaults using the external reset switch and start again as the easiest way to resolve.