**Which Model is the most reliable Wireguard Server?

Has anyone tested any model extensively and can offer input as to which model is the most reliable as a simple wireguard vpn host server? Thanks in advance.

I think the wired is more stable than wireless, so the GL.iNet routers which has ethernet port is reliable for WireGuard Server.

The Brume (MV1000) is “purpose built” as an edge router with a better processor to handle VPN processing. It doesn’t have (activated) WiFi however if you need an all in one solution. Haven’t had a proper chance to play/test mine yet.

I’m running on my B1300 Convexa, again not designed as a travel router but a “stationary” router and haven’t had an issue as a WG server with Android, Windows and other gl. Inet travel routers as clients.

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When Brume wifi will be activated and why is not activated yet?

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