Which model(s) to choose?

Hello, I’ve just registered the account for this and I’m probably violating some don’t do this and don’t do that rules. I’m sorry in advance.
I’ve just found out about this brand.
I’m trying to decide between AR300 lite and MT300 V2.
Can you give me some pros and cons? I’m not a “flasher” just want value for my money.
MT vs AR? Also I’m interested if on the AR300 lite the wan port can be lan port. Which is better for a dual wds setup? Perks, stuff what you don’t share on the main site for the average user (sadly) I have some experience in ddwrt.
Thanks in advance have a nice day!

AR300 lite with an open wireless driver, it is flexible.
MT300N-V2 with the closed wireless driver, which is more stable. But it doesn’t support EAP, can’t compatible with iw/iwinfo tools, etc.

If you want to use wan port as lan on AR300M lite, you need to flash v3.0 firmware.

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Then AR it is sir, thank you kindly for your answer. Lite is enough since I don’t see myself in a situation when I’d need both lan and wan ports in the same time …

I’ve seen the 128 nand option, is that really necessary if I’m not a flash addict? I mean I’d configure the two routers on day 1 and they stay so till the end of times?

Heh. FWIW, I saw the AR-750 discussed on a travel site and got one, saw the AR-300M-Lite on sale and got one of those, then the AR-750S came out on early-release and got one of those … luckily I have a use-case for each one :slight_smile: The devices are geared toward technically-minded people like me, and the forums are great, plus it’s running OpenWRT, so there’s a good chance they’ll be supported with updates for quite some time.

If you don’t need 128MB nand, you can choose AR300M16, which is 16MB nor.

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