Which port should I use?

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Rather than make a mistake, I prefer to ask :
I have a GL-AR300M16. I would like it to act as a repeater.
It actually will connect to an existing wifi network and then I would like it to connect to a Samsung TV via ethernet.
My question is : should the ethernet cable be plugged into the WAN or LAN port?

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The ethernet cable should be plugged into the LAN port tof GL-AR300M16

Oki, it works ! Thx !

Another question :

I’d like to know if this router is able to work 24 hours a day without risk of dammage, overheating, melting,…
Could you tell me if it needs to be unplugged from electrical outlet sometimes or if I may use it continuously ?
Thanks !

It should be okay in a ventilated area, with not overly-hot room temperature and not directly exposed to heat emanating from the TV.

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