Which router is fastest now? Can I do better?

What is the fastest travel router available now, for WiFi repeater mode, with Wireguard client?

For use in hotels with lots of other signals around.

I already own a GL-AR300M, a GL-MiFi and a Mircrouter. I’m not really getting great speeds when I test repeating my office WiFi on the Microuter (of course) and the GL-MiFi.

Would any other travel router be significantly faster? Or should I stick with what I have.?

AR750S is your friend. Slate (GL-AR750S-Ext) | Gigabit Travel Router | CES Honoree | OpenVPN | WireGuard®– GL.iNet

When is the quad core ARM with 1GB+ RAM and dual radios and bluetooth coming?

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I did a quick iperf test of this kind of setup, connecting from a travel router to a home router.
Travel side: PC -5GHz wifi- AR750S -2.4GHzwifi repeater-
Home side: -wan- x86 OpenWRT Wireguard Server -lan- PC

The 2.4GHz wifi and the wan switch are provided by my ISP’s gateway device. So there’s no Internet traversal to add variables.

First just the routed performance:
[ 3] 0.0-10.0 sec 84.6 MBytes 70.9 Mbits/sec
Dslreports speed test was about the same, ~74Mbps

Now with a Wireguard tunnel between the AR750S and the home side router:
[ 3] 0.0-10.0 sec 55.2 MBytes 46.2 Mbits/sec
Several runs of each gave similar results.

When wifi is out of the picture the numbers improve to:
Routed path:
[ 4] 0.0-10.0 sec 315 MBytes 264 Mbits/sec*
Wireguard tunnel:
[ 4] 0.0- 9.7 sec 83.4 MBytes 72.0 Mbits/sec
And those numbers are more than double what I was able to hit with the MT300N-v2.

*That is lower on firmware v3.022 than it was on v3.009 (it is regularly ~500Mbps on 3.009 firmware), but the WG tunnel numbers are much better. I filed a bug on that in case there was a routing performance regression that needs to be looked at.

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Do you mean Convexa-S? Our target is in May of 2019.