Which router should I buy?

Hello everyone. Im really interested in buying a router from this companies travel series. I don’t travel too often, but I need a router that can be used with a couple of devices. I also want it to be able to use networks that have to use a portal to login to the wifi, rather than a password. I would also like the adguard, but it is not a necessity. Thank you!

I would say a GL-A1300 Slate Plus meet your requirements or you could go top tier and get the GL-AXT1800 Slate AX

Does this also have the adguard?

Do you mean AdGuardhome both do:

Yeah I mean adguard home, are these the only 2 that have them?

GL-MT3000 Beryl AX has it but people have been having problems with signing into portal logins also If you are running huge blacklist the GL-AXT1800 is better because you have the option to uninstall Adguardhome and install it on a SD card search the forum and people explain why the did it