Which router will be good comparing mainly working with openvpn feature

I'm looking for router for remote working, mainly meetings on teams and some web browsing . Curently I'm using vpn on my computer and I want to use second vpn from router. The main important thing for me is good connection speed while both vpn will be working. I have read also about WPA-Enterprise feature which seems to be also important. Which router will be the best considering those requirements? For now gl-axt1800 seems to be good choice but I want to be sure.

If you read about it but don't know about it, you don't need it :wink:

What I learned is that this is often useful in hotels or airports. I know you can handle without it, but I doubt my technical knowledge is that good :D. I saw this comparison, I also considered the GL-MT3000. Due to the SD card slot and WPA-Enterprise, the gl-axt1800 seems more suitable to me. Am I right or I missing something?

You are right. AXT1800 is the most compatibile one.

WPA-Enterprise (EAP) does not matter for individuals. The name make sense. It is for Enterprises.
Public wifi should not use EAP because a visitor should not be assigned a username.

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