Which routers use WPA3 currently?

Is there a router that uses WPA3 right now that I can buy?

How about firmware updates for wpa3, any updates on that front?


WPA3 dont need special hardware support, its a firmware feature.
WPA3 should be supported by firmware 3.2xxx and above

Depend on bigger firmware size of newer firmware than 3.105, you should buy devices like the follow and above, which have more space:

  • AR-300
  • AR-750S

On AR750S WPA3-SAE working fine.
I see it’s also available on AR750 but never tested.

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I have the AR-750S and it is WPA3 :lock: capable.

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AR750 are not recommend to buy by me for newer firmware versions. That’s related on flash memory size and will restrict the ability to install additional extensions.


I agree. I have the AR750 and it runs real close to max. I think I maxed it out updating to LuCi. I had to revert to the earlier version to add apps I would need.