Which travel router for local USB Wordpress

Hi ,
I already made a threat for ftp on the gl.inet , but as I noticed that iOs devices do not support direct ftp URLs anymore, I have to change my plans.

I want to have my students access videos in my class.
They have iPads or iPhones.
The classroom has no internet access.
And I do not want them to have internet access.

The idea is to make about 50 mp4 videos from 10sec to 60sec accessible by only scanning a QR code with the iPad and the video playing in Safari.

Maximum 10 iPads will be connected to the WiFi at the same time.

Is it possible to do this with a Wordpress site on a USB-stick in the gl.inet ?

Which gl.inet should I order?

Thank you for your help

It is recommended that you purchase Beryl AX or Slate AX, and use the Samba protocol in Network Storage to share files.
Note that the read rate of the USB port will limit the video frame rate. If the video frame rate is too high, this solution may not work.

You can run Ubuntu on the Brume which should allow you to install Wordpress and store data files on a USB drive. The Brume only has 1GB of RAM which would only allow a very minimal Wordpress install. See GL-MV1000 / Brume - GL.iNet

As far as I know, this is the only GL iNet router that runs a full version of Linux, which allows for installing Wordpress. There are some other companies specialize in small systems that are designed to run Ubuntu and other Linux versions that could be used running Wordpress. Something with 2GB to 4GB of RAM would probably work better.

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Thanks for your answers,

as routers seem to be short on memory to host a wordpress, what do you think about setting up a Wordpress on a RPi 4 with 8GB RAM which then would be connected to a travel router like my Slate AR750S-EXT?

Memory wise, putting it on an RPI 4 with 8 GB of RAM would be much better. With that much memory, you should get some caching of your mp4 files, which should speed things up. I am not sure what your are using for storage on your RPI, but I would be a bit concerned using an SD card for storage for a Mysql database if your are going to do a lot of writes, but if you mainly read from it, you may be alright. The other option is to USB connect a small SSD, and use the SSD to hold the LAMP stack and Wordpress files. Make sure you backup up your Wordpress site including the database regularly to a separate device.

Connecting it to a Slate or other router would make networking very simple.

Thanks for the help.
I’ve set up apache2, mariadb and WP on my RPi4 and LAN connected it to a Slate.
This runs realy fast.
For my use case, I do not even need to setup pages and posts in the WP site. I just put my small MP4 files into the media library. The upload URL is then coded in a QR with Zint. Done.
Having everything on a USB-Stick would be nice , but I’m not a Linux pro and do not know what I would need to change to have everything on the USB-Flashdrive