Which travelrouter / Repeater-Mode

looking for a travelrouter as due to my work I am ~10d a month not at home.

Will be always used as a Repeater with Wireguard. WiFi Speedtests without a travelrouter are between 150-400mbs (checked with my iPhone, connected to the networks without an extra router/vpn in between) depending on which hotel/location.

Would you recommend the slate ax or the berryl ax? From the stats the slate looks better and size doesn’t matter - but I read a few times that the berryl would be the better „repeater“.

What kind of speed should I get when i have add the travelrouter to my above setup?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Slate AX has EAP support and this makes it much more versatile than Beryl AX.

This is important if you connect to “enterprise” networks, like you might find in a corporate or educational setting.