Who manage a site to site configuration without goodcloud?


i try more than one time to can do a site to site configuration with some AR750.
i manage to do it with goodcloud, but i’m not able to do it working properly without goodcloud.

is it somebody was able to can do a site to site configuration with only openwrt or luci?
if yes could you give us a tutorial?
because each time i do it, i’m able to ping the server lan, but not able to ping the client lan!!!

thank you

i try to follow this, but is not working…
i can 't ping lan client network.
i try almost 5 times

It is all about the configs. You can just record the config of wireguard on each router when you configure using cloud and then do it manually.

i will try to do it.
but i’m pretty sure, some configuration are only with gls2s, and i’m not sure that the configuration can be available without this.

i mean, all the configuration done by gls2s, is not visible in luci.

I don’t believe so. But I didn’t try manually.

It could be nice to can be do exactly the same without goodcloud