Why can´t I upgrade my S-1300 from 1.305 to the new testing software?

Every time I try it no matter if with uBoot or with the gl-inet internerface, or with luci, nothing seems to work?

It can be you can update p.e. by webinterface by hand and and by activate auto update on webinterface. I dont know the S-1300 version of firmware. A the ar300M, 750 and 750s looks like have DNS leak and doing breaks on traffic. So it can be its the same on S-1300 and possible no good idea to update before fixed this bugs at minimum.

I know my firmware, GL.iNet download center I want to install qsdk-s1300-3.201-0402

I just noticed that they now added a do not install txt on the repo. Okay, I understand, but it were never a problem with my other GL-devices. My current firmware is qsdk-s1300-3.105

Currently testing QSDK new version. So pls hold on a little bit to upgrade.

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Thank you very much for the info, do you think its possible to see OWRT 19.07 on it as well?

Sorry 19.07 is not possible on this model.