Why does the AC1300 SSID show in Windows network connections under my network adapter?

When I connect my laptop to the GL-A1300’s lan port the network adapter on the laptop displays the SSID on the bottom sticker of the GL-A1300. First it shows attempting to authenticate, then once its online it shows my device’s SSID. This is a clear give away and hint to that someone may be using a VPN. Does anyone know how I can fix this? I’ve already changed the SSID for my Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi adapter reads that well.


This is a windows thing.

The first time your windows connect to a WiFi network it record it as the network name, which bind with the MAC address.
Then later if it connect to the network that has the same MAC address it uses the old name.

You cannot update the name in the router side.

You have the update or remove the entry in windows registry.

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Unfortunately, I do not have admin rights to remove it from the registry, but do you know how I can get it to update then?

I changed the SSID for the Wi-Fi and it updated in my Windows laptop for the network adapter, but why is the ethernet still showing the actual router SSID and all this info is coming from the same router?

Its like the router is not Brodcasting the updated SSID via ethernet?

SSID is for wifi, not for Ethernet. The reason may be that the original ssid and lan use the same mac address.

You can try change the LAN mac address of the router so that the name in windows will not keep the same. Change the mac address in luci.

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This is new to me. I’m sure I can find where to do it in Luci, but how do I determine what number to use or what to change it to? My networking knowledge isn’t that extensive.

Why should it be a hint that someone is using VPN?

Tbh: If it’s not your device anyway, you can leave the hide-and-seek game alone. Your employer, the one with the admin rights, has far more possibilities to monitor you - even a VPN won’t help.


I don’t see what admin rights has to do with it. I’m just trying to get it to display what I would like or at least not give away the device being used.

Deleting the whole connection by using the device manager should do the trick.

It will not hide which device is used. As I said before: As long as you are not admin of your device, this is more or less useless to hide.

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Yeah, I thought of that also and tried it, but I’m just a standard user and cannot make any changes to device manager. I have another Slate Plus that has never been connected to this laptop. I’m wondering if I set that one up as the client instead, when it connects to the laptop for the first time if it will assign it the network name based off the default SSID or the one I set it to.

Windows will use the ssid for the network name when you connect it for the first time.

So, if the MAC address is changed will windows see the router as a whole new device and assign it a new network name based off the current SSID?

If it is wifi, windows will always update to the ssid name, regardless of the mac address, I think.