Why does the device show as a phone on T-Mo networks?

Just curious. Why is it that my GL-X750v2 shows as a generic Android device? My understanding is one of the reasons people go with this device is that you can put a sim tied to a cell plan in and the provider sees it as a cell phone, allowing you to use your tethering data until you hit your limit. What data is it reporting back? Are there other manufacturers (not GLiNet) that make mobile routers that report themselves the same way?

Depends on what TTL you have set. Generally a TTL of 65 will use Mobile Phone data on a mobile phone plan.

No, Only T-mobile lets you use any of their plans on any device (Except the Home Internet Plan), other Providers will require you to use an authorized device from them, for the plan you purchased with them. You can however tether your Mobile Phone via USB (If you have it on your phone plan) to a GL.inet router and set the TTL to 65 and use the unlimited data from you plan.

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So I’ve been able to set ttl in openwrt on this router and use mobile data. I tried putting my sim in one of their mifis and was told that my cell plan wouldn’t work like that.

So is it just ttl that is letting this work? Or something else? I’ve seen lots of other people using other brand routers setting ttl and still have it count against tethering data.

I don’t know but it looks good.

TTL mostly, if that’s all you changed. Are you certain that your hotspot data is not being used. Also some report that disabling IPV6 on the other brand routers works.

What plan and provider? IPV6 on?