Why is FLINT being offered an Upgrade to 4.45?

I was surprised to see version 4.45 being offered for the Flint Router after logging in today.
I went to check downloads on the GL.Inet downloads page and version 4.23 is still listed as the STABLE version for the FLINT router. NO/NO betas were offered for 4.45 for the Flint Router prior to this…AND 4.45 is still listed only in SNAPSHOTS for the FLINT Router. Since when did GL.iNet start offering essentially ALPHA builds to unsuspecting customers? Judging from others in the forum who have installed this build on other routers (And found out they basically they installed an ALPHA build which of course is not stable and will bring the inevitable problems that is normal with any ALPHA build). I cannot believe you are offering these ALPHA builds in the GL.iNet GUI. I look forward to an explanation from GL.iNet MODS why a build that has not even made it to the BETA stage (For the FLINT) is being offered as if it was a Stable and tested build through the GL.inet GUI on the router.


I wouldn’t have upgraded if I knew it would be so buggy due to lack of testing and I don’t know how to downgrade without everything breaking (again).

My brume2 got this update notification as well. I hit upgrade and am having problems with one of my units now. Only stable releases should be put out to the masses.

I can’t even log into the one at my other house now and don’t know when I’ll be back there since it fails to gather a wan dhcp address after reboot every time… unless physically present to reboot my modem and brume.

Starting to wonder if I should just return these things and go back to ASUS and eero which had none of these issues and were rock solid.

Obtaining a dhcp address is the most basic function of a routing device and these can’t even do that without manual intervention.

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I’m starting to wonder if I should return my Flint AX too but I don’t think Amazon accept returns on items over 30 days and they will say the update was optional so user fault (or rather manufacturer fault).

encountered the same before, after power outage, my main router boots slower than the brume2, and then brume doesn’t get wan and internet unless i rebooted the brume2

You can tell Amazon that the Flint stopped working when you did not touch it at all.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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It would be great to hear from the mods (@Johnex ?) why such thing happen and how they will avoid it in the future.
In the DL page the flint firmware version is capped at 4.2.3, no beta and… no more snapshot!

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If they check and somehow find out that I installed an untested update that was given with zero warning then I could probably get in trouble, although some people claim the update was pushed onto their device without even clicking anything so idk.

They don’t really care, they’ve got their money. We’re all their alpha testers now.

Issues people are are having is due to memory problem. RESTART you router before doing the update everything should work after that, I also do not keep settings and load a config file later. I encountered the WAN DHCP problem when I did not do the above procedure and had to hard reset and do it again. Devices are Flint, Brume2, Beryl AX, Beryl(4.3.2 firmware) Slate AX

Stable is the only release for 4.5.0 When I loaded the 8-23-23 snapshot it crasehed in 2 hours the stable 8-11-23 firmware seems to be running fine on router running adguardhome with OISD full list and wireguard client

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I doubt that they would actually test the returned router, especially since the Returns staff would have to read up on how to set it up and know what/how to test. The return staff would likely just do a visual inspection if the problem is due damage, not the functionality.

I saw a program on TV about the volume of different return products that Amazon gets and just are thrown out by the truckload. Amazon works on huge volume and cheap labour.

Of course, it is your choice.

Here is the TV program:

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I’ve been shown how to revert to the most recent stable before 4.4.5 so when the next crash happens I will install the older firmware. Hopefully that way it will continue to work okay and I don’t have to risk big Jeffy B coming after me.

anywhere i can learn easy how to save and load config file?

In the GL.Inet Interace click on SYSTEM then ADVANCED Settings…
You will see a link to take you to the LUCI Interface…
Click on that link and you will be brought to the login page for LUCI interface.
Leave root as the Username and put your password in Password and login.
Now you are in the LUCI interface.
Click on System then Backup/Flash Firmware.
Now under BACKUP…Click the GENERATE ARCHIVE Button.
This will backup all your settings to a file (Normally located in your downloads)…
To RESTORE a previous backed up file you again login into the LUCI interface like you did before.
Click on System then Backup/Flash Firmware.
This time under RESTORE click the UPLOAD ARCHIVE BUTTON and select the file that you previously backup up.
That’s all there is to it.

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As an additional note, the LuCI config backup will not back up manually-installed packages, so you will have to manually reinstall them again.


Thanks, then I won’t have to re-input everytime I accidentally opt out of ‘keep settings’

Indeed wcs…I was keeping it simple…