Why is Luci version old in new 3.203 firmware?

I have installed the latest firmware 3.203 on my S1300.
After installation, I was required to install Luci by pressing the button in the “Advanced” section.
Install was successful, but the login screen of luci shows its an old version, 15.05.1

The OpenWRT itself is the newer version:
_______ ________ __
| |.-----.-----.-----.| | | |.----.| |_
| - || _ | -| || | | || || |
_____|| |
||||___||| |____|
| W I R E L E S S F R E E D O M

OpenWrt 19.07.0-rc1, r10649-c4fdb377a2

Also, some things don’t work in this Luci version.
When trying to enable Wifi, I got this error:

    /usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:433: Failed to execute arcombine dispatcher target for entry '/admin/network/wireless/wifi0.network2'.
The called action terminated with an exception:
/usr/lib/lua/luci/model/cbi/admin_network/wifi.lua:190: attempt to concatenate a nil value
stack traceback:
	[C]: in function 'assert'
	/usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:433: in function 'dispatch'
	/usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:168: in function </usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:167>

Seems odd…

Any ideas? Is this a bug?

S1300 use Qualcomm SDK which is openwrt 1505.

Luci wifi settings is not compatible as well.

My understanding is the WiFi mesh stuff only works with 1505. But if you don’t need the Wifi then you can install the latest vanilla OpenWRT just fine.

I think you on the Wrong thread? :thinking:

I think you on the Wrong thread?

Was that for me?

The S1300 still only runs OpenWRT 15.05 - that is what the OP was asking about → why is it not 19.07. My reply answered the question… Drivers for mesh wifi do not exist (or have not been tested, who knows) for 19.07, thus its stuck on 15.05, a firmware version that is now close to 6 years old.

OP: Firmware 3.203 uses OpenWRT version 15.05 for the B1300, S1300 & AP1300 devices. All other devices get 19.07. README file details this:

Based on openwrt 19.07.7 (AR150,MIFI,AR300M,USB150,N300,AR750,AR750S,X750,E750,X1200,XE300,MT1300,MT300N-V2,MV1000)
Based on QSDK11 (B1300,S1300,AP1300)

QSDK11 uses Openwrt version15.05. This is not very clear and the Gi-NET people should really make this clearer.

I’d try re-installing the firmware again for the wifi issue.

You’ve asked 2 things in this thread but the subject only mentions the version issue. I’d create a new thread just asking why your wifi is failing…

Well, as I mentioned in my first post, it seemed that the Luci version isn’t 100% compatible with some if the wifi settings, and therefore causes some errors.

But thanks for the clarification.
I’m understanding that it was a big mistake on my my side to buy hardware that is reliant on closed, third party software with limited support (only by GL-INET and not the Openwrt community).
It wasn’t that clear when ordering the product.

Now in order to use the Mesh capabilities of the s1300, I’m stuck using GL.Inet firmware, and can’t use Openwrt vanilla.

I don’t think any commercial mesh router support latest openwrt and has open source wifi driver.

There are open source mesh technologies though, e.g. batman-adv. But you need a lot of tech skills to make it work