Why is the system load so high?

I have the Brume2 and BerylAX.
The Brume2 uses .25% load of the 200%, where as the BerylAx uses 100% of 200%.
I did a soft reset on the BerylAX and same thing 80-100% usage.
Since they use the same chipset, is the wifi chip really hogging all the extra cpu load?
Wouldn’t this be concerning that half the system load is used by the router, not doing much.



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If I recall correctly, mt3000 4.1 firmware CPU load is lower

I checked with the top command and found load 1.2 but CPU 94% idle, which seems a bit unusual.
Can you use the top command to see the idle?

My idle is about the same, about 90%
I’ve powered down the device for Tonight and I’m using the SlateAX to see what the load is like on that decide.