Why no explanation of firmwares?

Why is it continue not to have web page with explanation of the different firmwares?

Please get firmware from this page: GL.iNet download center

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This is page for firmwares. Isn’t a page with explanations of firmwares. I know this page. It is the page I want to see explanations. Why after so many years of asking does no one with GL want to explain the firmwares? Every time is days to try one, try other, try other because there is no explanations.

You probably mean changelogs, right ?

What explanation of firmware do you want to know?

Every single one obviously. A sentence of explanations for every firmwares.

No I do not mean changelogs obviously. This is seperate file, changelog.txt. I mean explanations.

I still don’t what to explain, do you mind give an example?

For most customers, they can upgrade when Admin Panel say it has a new firmware.
If you want to manually upgrade, just download firmware from the link below based on your router’s model.

Many examples. Every file on this page (GL.iNet download center) must have sentence that explain what it is. Exactly like every time anyone download any file except for GL files. This is why every time I upgrade firmwares for GL, takes many days instead of a few minutes like other routers. It is why GL is most difficult routers. Why you can’t do like every other company that has downloads going back to beginning before even internet? Just put the explanation of each firmware so it possible to know what is firmware. Is not possible you can not understand this. I do not believe.

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