Why so many dnsmasq-dhcp warming entries in log?

Why I receive tons of this messages in log ? (3 log entries per second)

P.S: eth0 is WAN port that runs PPPoE protocol only and also ignore DHCP configured



Whats GL.iNet device and firmware?

Check the the Devices tab in LuCi interface. Eth0 is usually the WAN but I have found it was the CPU sometimes.

Was WAN port maybe changed to LAN port?

It’s Flint with latest firmware 4.1.0 release 6.

Eth0 is WAN port and I never touch the configuration.
(in Interface menu, eth0 is Network device ? )

(in Switch menu, the CPU is eth0 ?)

The WAN port is used as WAN, I checked and never change it.

This is really weird. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

In the switch menu should show if you have any cables plugged in and what speed.

If you have cables connected and not shown then it might be a issue with the cable.