Wi-Fi 6 Travel Router (GL-AXT1800) is Coming Soon!

:bell: Wi-Fi 6 travel router (GL-AXT1800) is coming soon!
GL-AXT1800 is our first Wi-Fi 6 travel router that comes with 1800Mbps combined wireless speed. Pre-order starts now :arrow_right: GL-AXT1800 - GL.iNet
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The Specs looks like a Flint pocket version !


Okay - I’m excited about this!

I have a Creta but I need a WIFI 6 option for travelling as I always run in to slow speeds due to congested networks which forced me to upgrade to WIFI 6 capable phones and laptop adapters.

Happy to test in real-life travel conditions if you need it!


I’m curious about its power consumption - in particular typical and maximum current draw. I’d like to have some idea about how much runtime I could expect from some battery pack. Also, are there any internal GPIO (headers or test pads) that I could use for things?

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Hi ckuethe, for the power consumption, it should be 6W (Typical) and 8.5W (Maximum). It will have GPIO port too. Thank you for your comment!


Hi Cathy,
yes, I’m very exited and looking forward to GL-AXT1800!
In a parallel topic I’ve read the router still needs time and is expected around May? Can you confirm that or is there a chance it will be released sooner?

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Sad to see it use IPQ6000 and no IPQ807x. IPQ807x would be much easier to have “stock” OpenWRT in the near future as it is being worked on as target for some other routers. At this point it might never get real stock OpenWRT and will therefore always depend on QSDK.


We will prove that you are wrong.


I’m looking forward in that case.

Hi Lepume,
Thank you for your interest! The estimated launch time will be around May, you can subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest news, such as the price, more spec details, etc. :wink:

mat finish like i wanted :hugs: thanks @alzhao , can’t wait to replace my beryl. the price will be close to flint ?

@alzhao are you going to sell it on kickstarter or directly on your website?

Looks great! Can you confirm the size? The measurements on the website make the device look twice as big as the AR-750S.

No plans to sell it on Kickstarter. For people who are interested in the product, please subscribe our email marketing. We will send early bird offers to our subscribers like previously. Learn more: GL-AXT1800 - GL.iNet

@Nerd Hi thank you for your interest. GL-AXT1800’s CPU is much more powerful than Slate, it needs more room for heat dissipation. we won’t change the size if all goes well.

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Hi @emmgr23, we haven’t confirmed the price yet, you can subscribe to our email marketing. We will send early bird offers to our subscribers like previously. :wink: :arrow_right: GL-AXT1800 - GL.iNet

I like that the travel router in the pipeline supports Wifi 6 ax and a power supply via a USB C jack.

Starting points for future hardware optimizations:

  • Travel routers should be as small as possible. There seems to be a lot of air in the device… Cooling could be improved if the heatsink inside the device is also used as a bottom or top case part. If the heat sink is not allowed to conduct electricity, a thermally well conducting ceramic type can also be used here.

For potential of firmware improveents, pls check:


Hi @Henry_Bruns Henry, our hardware team does make a balance between the router size and heat dissipation. Btw, thank you for your suggestion!

Will it have mesh capability? It would be lovely to have it as the router to my flat, use mesh to get to weird places, and just take the main unit with me when I have to travel

I don’t think Mesh will be supported. But a simple AP mode work for you?