Wi-Fi 6 Travel Router (GL-AXT1800) is Coming Soon!

I see so many people are facing problems with Flint already,… Root guys cannot move AdGuard to another storage (USB etc) while AdGuard takes away entire storage space leaving room for nothing

:frowning: I’ve bought Flint but not even started using it yet,… because I wanted to check out what all problems other people are facing BEFORE and AFTER firmware upgrades

:face_with_head_bandage: This is a messed up Router so,… I’m not yet connecting it to Replace my WAN router (for now)

This news of Mini-Flint is further disappointing

How come your firmware apps Don’t use LZ4/X compression??? :thinking:

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I think a mini flint can be super cool especially as replacement for mango, it looks perfect for QoS for me😁

I’m not so worried about the current issues of flint, I think the team does great effort fixing bugs, and im thankfull, and as for the limitation of having a older kernel due qsdk (old openwrt with closed source wifi drivers from qualcomm), I think we all have to wait when codeaura updates it, or see what this project OpenWifi is about, I saw it inside the commits on github, it looks interesting :+1:


What means “coming soon” in the headline ?
1 week, 1 month, 1 quarterly year ? Anyone has a more precise date when the router will be available on Amazon for instance ?

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Please subscribe to our email marketing, we will update you once it’s available. Subscribers will get the early access offers earlier than others: GL-AXT1800 / Slate AX - GL.iNet


We will release a new firmware in mid March for fixing some bugs of GL-AX1800.


Does it have a fan?
there is a thread (A mini fan in a WiFi 6 travel router?) considering the option.

Yes. It will have a mini fan

Will be possible to disable entirely the fan or select a temperature threshold to enable the fan only for temperatures above that value?

I think technically it is possible because the fan is controlled based on temperature.,

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Does this mean that GL-AX1800 will eventually also be supported in upstream OpenWRT? Currently, the reason that prevents me from using GL.inet products for my 802.11ax projects.
In fact, my main reason for buying GL.inet-based products is the support of upstream OpenWRT of you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes I think so. Now we are compiling OpenWrt 21.02 on this router.


This is great to hear, I am looking forward to the latest OpenWrt support for it. Some of the issues I am having are unresponsiveness and occasional failure when connecting/switching with WG VPN with the router disconnecting devices, unable to manually configure certain setting via Luci that you can via stock OpenWrt such as the wireless interface.

I can only hope you guys add some kind of Ultra fast compression like LZ4/X (Ram, Flash, etc etc)… on your next firmware, allow moving/installing plugins/packages on external drive (USB) AND allow mounting connected NAS drive as local directory (to further boost storage and allow remote access)

:thinking: Synology guys added “Lets’s Encrypt” SSL certificates to allow users access their devices using modern browsers, remote access, WebDAV, etc etc etc,… Since your product is going to connect to WAN hope this is already happening,…

I will eventually use this router once I see some positive comments

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SDK4.0 will add NAS plugin package and WebDAV server, input USB storage device or TF card, can use NAS, WebDAV manage the device files.

Will this router (portable version) have a Luci interface?
What is the antenna gain in dBi?

yes it has Luci interface.

Can we have some more pictures? Maybe next to the ax1800 or Beryl? I’d like to see the overall size comparison please :slight_smile:

I think we can assume it is the same size as the Beryl, which has the same size as all similarly classed products that came before it?

It is bigger than Beryl.