Wi-Fi location tracking

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I have a question regarding the GL XE 300. If I enable Wi-Fi and connect to a VPN, can my GL XE 300 still be traced through Wi-Fi location tracking?

In the past, I used my laptop with Wi-Fi enabled (but not connected to a Wi-Fi Spot) and an LTE stick to access the internet while connected to a VPN. However, my laptop was still trackable via Google Maps due to the presence of other Wi-Fi hotspots in the vicinity.

I hope I have clearly conveyed my question.

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Maybe your location was detected by the LTE stick, not the wifi.

WiFi location tracking is not smart. It has to detect the location of the wifi first. While the location of the wifi can only be detected by the IP address, or by smartphone location tracking if connected to the same wifi.

In my experience, just enable vpn on my router or pc and connect to other wifi, my location always be displayed as the vpn server location.

If I buy this VPN router and enable Wi-Fi, is it possible for Google Maps or other services to track my location using nearby Wi-Fi hotspots?

I am not sure. But if Google do it, it will do on your phone/pc, not related to the router.