Wi-Fi to Ethernet for college?

Long story short, my university turned off all ethernet ports and left only Wi-Fi in our dorms. Incredibly sad.

I’m planning to run an operating system on my main computer/server (unraid) which has no support for Wi-Fi be it USB or motherboard cards, so I need to also buy some sort of Wi-Fi to Ethernet bridge.

My top solution should be able to:

  • Support for 5Ghz at least (Wi-Fi 6 support would be ideal to future-proof)
  • Have the option to run without re-broadcasting the network via Wi-Fi, aka bridge just to ethernet. This is because my university does not like rebroadcasting and can detect it as a “rogue network”.

I’m looking for something that ticks all the boxes but I can’t really know for something this specific if I’m buying correctly. Please suggest some glinet bridges/routers with support for this functionality!

Thank you!

This should be available with all 4.x Firmware. There are different modes, like extender/repeater/client.

In default the router will act as client, so it appears to the Uni network as one device.

I don’t think the Campus will provide Wifi6. But to have all options, I suggest to look at the Slate AX (GL-AXT1800 / Slate AX - GL.iNet) for maximum performance.
The Slate Plus (GL-A1300 / Slate Plus - GL.iNet) or Beryl AX (GL-MT3000 / Beryl AX - GL.iNet) should be a budget alternative.

You can do either repeater mode (new subnet) or extender mode (same subnet) and turn off the SSID to wire in a device but not broadcast an SSID. Depends on your needs but I’d suggest repeater mode.

As per above if you want WiFi 6 you’ve got the Slate AXT1800 or the MT3000. Do you need EAP login into the network then you want the AXT1800 as the Mediatek chip doesn’t support EAP?

Otherwise all gl inet devices support this you just need to pick the device that suits your specs and budget (again remembering if you need EAP (like eduroam) you want an Atheros chip based system not Mediatek.)