**wifi access device limit**

Is it possible with the x750 (Spitz) to limit the WIFI access to only knowing devices, for the safety on campsites…
I mean all devices that have been connected so far are allowed to continue to connect, but not new ones, only when I allow it


If there is one, look for a “Wireless MAC Filter” feature or something similar in the router’s Admin page, you can allow or deny WiFi access from there.

I’ve already found that, but I would have to constantly check whether someone has logged in, I was looking for something that is easier! with the “fritzbox” you can activate it! “limit to known devices”

“allow listed only” or “block all listed” in that mac filter.

there is no possibility, where should that be?

luci-network-wireless ‘edit’ button for an access point, click ‘mac filter’ under ‘interface configuration’ gives you 3 options. disabled or to create 2 separate lists of “allow listed only” or “block all listed” or you can also block from the gli clients interface

i must select all allowed ones here, right?

I think so. Have you got it working?

I have to test it first, we’re going on vacation on Friday, then I’ll test it, but it’s still complicated, why do I have to do it via Luci and not with a button on the gl-inet surface?

I have tested it, unfortunately it does not work 100%, if I allow mac addresses with the 5ghz wlan and the same mac addresses in the 2.4ghz, the registration with the 2.4ghz wlan no longer works

It is better to ssh to the router and check /etc/config/wireless.

I don’t know enough about ssh

You can refer to